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Company Values


Our Vision

  • In our Industry we will be the Company of first choice;
  • Doing the right things instinctively is how we aim to do business; and
  • We take responsibility for how we interact with our people, our industry, our communities and the environment

Our Human Capital Policy

  • People are at the heart of everything we do;
  • Our passion for parking continually challenges us to deliver amazing experiences for both our internal and external Customers;
  • Our challenge is to invest in our employees through learning and development ensuring there is always a happy working environment which contributes to their quality of life, and to their work life balance;
  • We will deliver on our promises to Customers through amazing Customer Service with an aim of developing Customer evangelists for what we do; and
  • We believe our human capital agenda sets us apart from many in our Industry, serving as an attractor for world-class talent and assisting the Company in sourcing and developing talent in a consistent and sustainable manner.

Company Values

  • We will ensure we maintain attention to small details;
  • We aim to build a positive team spirit for both our internal and external Customers;
  • We aim to build open and honest communication for both our internal and external Customers;
  • To have FUN is an intrinsic value in everything we do;
  • We will be creative and maintain open mindedness at all times;
  • We will do all the necessary preparation to manage our business processes;
  • We will embrace and drive change;
  • We have high, yet achievable, expectations;
  • We will be passionate and determined;
  • We will be thoughtful in everything we do.