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eCommerce Solutions

DESIGNA Australia provides quality eCommerce solutions through  iLogs’s. Their Pre-booking and eCommerce Platform is a state-of-the-art solution for parking operators. For more information on Parking HQ Products through iLogs please visit their website.



ParkingHQ© APP & WEB – Parking just a mouse click or a finger tap away
Bring every parking lot to your Smartphone App and any Internet Website. Thanks to ilogs, your static car park information (CI, logos, pictures, key-visuals, available services, opening hours, tariffs/rates) is instantly available online. Furthermore, Smartphone and Internet users get dynamic information like occupancy-levels of all your car parks. Link to eCommerce modules like PreBooking, Mobile Ticket Payment or Customer Portal available. And you don’t need to maintain App and Web data separately. All your content details are configured once and appear simultaneously in your App and on your Web. If you already have a Smartphone App up and running, content can be integrated.



ParkingHQ© PreBooking – Intelligent and in tune with the times
Booking a parking space in advance is a real convenience – whether at airports, train stations or events. Your parking customers simply use your website or Smartphone App to secure their favorite parking space, at a best price and with their favorite identification media. Now, thanks to ilogs, you can offer this valuable service not only to your parking customers, but also to corporate clients and business partners, e.g. travel agencies. It’s easy to integrate to any Website, Smartphone App or Partner Portal.


Contract Parker

ParkingHQ© Contract Parker – Season Parking made easy and efficient
Season parking tickets offer highest convenience for those of your customers who frequently go in and out of your (office) car parks for a sustainable period of time. However, obtaining such a ticket in the past was an inconvenient burden, hindering widespread success. Furthermore, administration of contracts, parking card production and invoicing/billing was a labour-intensive, costly process. Now, thanks to ilogs and ParkingHQ Contract Parker, season tickets can be easily booked online, and your back office, administrative workflows are optimized, automated and yet more flexible. And so is your invoicing/billing process. Pure convenience. Pure efficiency. You like it, your season parking customers like it.


Frequent Parker

ParkingHQ© Frequent Parker – all on a single medium
Parking is at its best when easily combined with partner services. Your parking customers use a personal identification medium (a physical card or a mobile QR Code) to consume and pay your parking products. Why not enhance customer convenience by providing multiple services payable with the same prepaid cash balance? For example, a university hospital in Germany combines parking and restaurant services onto a single, prepaid frequent parker card. Thanks to iLogs, parking customers can now easily park their car and eat at the hospital cafeteria without the hassle of separate cash payments every time. Loading cash balance is dead easy: Over the Internet, at payment machines or directly at the cafeteria cashier. Effective co-marketing is possible for the first time; customers simply love the parking/ restaurant offer – which leads to more income at your end!


Control Center

ParkingHQ© Control Centre – Customer Service in an entirely new dimension
Customer Service has become a vital differentiator in the parking industry – in fair weather, a parking space is a parking space. In adverse weather, when something goes wrong and customers become impatient, you need to know all the details of the issue at a single glance. You need to have the correct tools right at your fingertips and be able to action end-to-end service processes to deliver quality service. Thanks to ilogs, the necessary fully integrated Control Center features are now part of ParkingHQ©, the most comprehensive Parking-Productivity Suite on the market: Call-Center agents are presented with the up-to-date device status, car-park and Customer information – all whilst answering Intercom calls. Field Service employees benefit from automated, individually tailored workflows to deliver superior service quality. If satisfied Customers are important to your parking business, ParkingHQ© Control Center is the solution to enable, measure and optimize your Customer Service quality.



ParkingHQ© Reporting – Always knowing what´s going on in your entire parking business
Consolidated reporting of your relevant parking data is a real business advantage. No longer you have to look up and match native application reporting from your CPMS, your back office or service systems to get the whole picture. Thanks to ilogs, ParkingHQ Reporting Server provides you with a web-based reporting portal, which contains relevant reports, analysis and statistics. Now, your parking business data is in a single place, convenient and most of all, comparable over different data sources. For example, see entries from your CPMS, eCommerce revenues and customer support statistics in one report. Furthermore, your different data sources are fully customizable, and so are your reports and analysis. ParkingHQ Reporting Server comprises of 25 of the most important parking reports in its standard version.