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Remote Equipment Management

To give a quick and seamless service to your customers, you can link your equipment intercoms to our 24/7 Control Centre. Our friendly, helpful and professional team will provide customer support/actions as agreed with you. We can monitor your car parks’ equipment to proactively advise operational staff of tasks needing action before any fault becomes apparent to any car park customer.

Should you be looking for a holistic, hands-off car park experience, DESIGNA Australia can provide skilled staff to operate and manage your car park on your behalf to provide a truly cost effective solution for your investment. Our operators are experienced and trained on DESIGNA equipment by our technical staff.

Below shows some of the services and benefits you will receive with DESIGNA Australia either managing your car park on your behalf. Remotely or On-Site.


Remote Service Inclusions

  • Proactive monitoring of the Car Park Control equipment function through the WinOperate Car Park Management Computer from our Control Centre;
  • Advice by telephone liaison with nominated personnel of any matter requiring attendance by onsite staff (i.e. barrier replacement, equipment malfunctions, customer refunds, external cleaning of terminals);
  • Acceptance of all incoming intercom calls and execution of appropriate and pre-agreed action through the WinOperate Car Park Management Computer in the Control Centre;
  • Advice by telephone liaison with nominated personnel and notification by email if a breach of security is identified;
  • Monitoring of CCTV (if required); and
  • Preparation of Detailed Reports tailored to each site’s requirements.


Benefits for your Car Park

  • Your onsite Staff are freed up to provide other Customer Service tasks and maintain equipment;
  • Consistent and professional communication for your customers;
  • Majority of all intercom calls answered within 4 rings;
  • On-line monitoring of your car parking investment to provide quick response times to any issue;
  • Monitoring carried out by experienced Car Park Operators who can work with your on-site staff to ensure quick resolution to any issues;
  • Service hours tailored to your requirements; and
  • Assistance available to your customers 24 hours per day which may result in increased revenue and decreased levels of vandalism/damage.